Stewardship is inspiring students to be curious.

The Center for Inspiration (CFI) at Walnut Springs Middle School was designed to immerse students in literature, music, art and craft. The design itself was inspired by the Amedee Ozenfant’s painting, “Still Life with Glass of Wine.” The guitar shape in the curve of the ceiling was to show students how one form of art can influence another.

The renovation includes a variety of seating options (like a custom circular bookcase/reading nook), a flexible classroom, a special speaker system, a TV studio, and a makerspace complete with a 3D printer.

The CFI turned a passive, single-use space into an active space filled with activities, while still leaving room for students to sit and read or study. The only problem is getting students to leave the Center to go back to class.

“It’s been a month since the new Center opened, and already visits have tripled and circulation is up 200 percent. I think I’m going to need more staff!”
–Jean Trimble, Information Specialist & Librarian