Stewardship is treating everyone with respect.

The Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) was envisioned as a place for at-risk students and returning adults learners to complete coursework or pursue a GED. TRIAD saw its true potential as an incubator. 

We wanted learners to feel like they were going to a workplace where they were respected and expected to succeed. So we designed the AEC as a professional co-working space, rather than a classroom. There's a reception desk, individual and shared work stations, a kitchenette, and outdoor spaces designed to facilitate a wide range of learning and communication styles. The result is a facility that allows people to learn in their own way, and helps each other succeed.

The judges praised the AEC for treating kids in an ‘adult, respectful, sophisticated way.’ Or, as one student put it, ‘This place is amazing. I feel important. I feel loved.’” -Learning by Design Magazine, Spring 2012