Stewardship is helping a client cut a budget without cutting corners.

Columbus IDEA Foundry

The heart of the Columbus Idea Foundry (CIF) is the perfect harmony of low tech (handsaws and glue clamps) and high tech (3D printers and electronics labs).

CIF Founder Alex Bandar initially doubted success was possible with the tight budget -- but where other architects may have seen a hassle, TRIAD saw an opportunity and met expectations under budget. In fact, upon completion, the space attracted further investment from additional partners.

Now, the first floor of the 60,000 square foot former shoe factory is filled with artists, blacksmiths, woodworkers, industrial designers, furniture makers, robotics experts and more. 

Phase II of the CIF project opened in March 2017. We embraced the idea of "serendipitous fiction," and expanded the second floor into a space for coworking, education, and events. 

The community is at the center of the Idea Foundry - the design is intended to invite the community to take ownership over the space, and then to provide endless opportunities for adaptation and customization as the community grows and evolves.

“The CIF is a mixed-use facility, with activities such as welding and laser cutting, occurring in the same complex as K-12 students attending classes, and IT professionals attending high-end events. Before working with TRIAD, we were not even sure such a project was possible.”
–Alex Bandar, Founder and Director, Columbus Idea Foundry